Tuesday, October 21, 2008

12 - My Definition of Perfection

Canon 40D 10-22mm at 22mm, iso 100, 1/90 sec at f4.5 +CLP

The perfect storm for a great evening. Sunset on Biscayne Bay with skating light shining on a sloop sailing below the fullmoon and of course four beautiful friends on the bow of the catamaran. I wasn't going to post this but after reading "Finding Your Photographic Style" by TJ Avery I felt that it more reflected my style and who I am better than the other image I was going to post. If you are looking for your style or just want to try and figure out who you are I encourage you to read TJ's article. This article very much reflects the name of my blog Svadhyaya which in sanskrit means "self study".

I picked this name as this is a very important aspect of my yoga practice and I know that with continued practice in photograph that too will help me on my journey.

Thanks TJ for your svadhyaya...

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TJ Avery said...

Excellent photo, Mike. What a great scene with a lot of beauty :-)

Thanks for mentioning my article too. We can learn so much and grow as photographers and people if we slow down and take a deep look within ourselves. Self study can be a really great thing :-)