Friday, October 10, 2008

10 - The Spotlight

Canon 40D 70-200mm @ 70mm, iso 100 1/4sec at f13 Cropped to Panoramic

This image is of course about light and how it can define your subject so easily. What made this possible was camera location, I had hiked up the side of a hill about 100ft. The additional height brought more of the mountain range in view and gave the image more depth. In addition the yellow leaves with the blue mountains and sky gives it color depth. When the setting sun cut through and lit up the aspens that was all I needed.


TJ Avery said...

Nice one, Mike. I love that spot of light - that really adds a good, interesting focus point for the viewer.

I was just commenting on Marti's latest blog post that a photo with distinct horizontal bands (e.g. trees, mountains, sky) would have a nice horizontal flow to it, but could possibly be a little boring.

I think your "banded" photo here has two great things going for it that make it a really great photo. 1- the "spotlight", and 2- there's great detail and contrast within the bands of trees and mountains and that detail has a rhythm (the "waves" of shadow within each band mimic each other).

Well done!

MikeH said...

This image had another horizontal line of trees at the bottom that I cropped, which as you point out would have made to many horizontal lines and boring. Thanks