Thursday, January 22, 2009

44 - Life Moves In

Canon 5DmkII, 20mm, iso 200, f/11, 3 images -1.5, 0, +1.5

Nature loves to fill a vacuum, it is its nature.


Bob Dein said...

Nice colors, and the wide angle really does a job on those clouds.

I subscribe to your feed, and through Google reader I see a video that you posted. But it doesn't appear by just clicking your blog address, so there is no place to comment.


MikeH said...

Bob, That's strange, I deleted the video it was terrible. It looked good on my computer, but after I uploaded it looked like crap.. I took it with the 5DmkII. I'll try again soon.

TJ Avery said...

Nature does indeed abhor a vacuum :-) Life persists amazingly well, even after devastating effects (whether caused by man or nature).

That's a neat concept that would make a great photo project.

I like the photos. In the first one, I think the transition from the bright sky to the dark ground is a little abrupt. (almost as if you used a hard-split ND filter instead of a graduated ND filter)

This kinda scene can be blended very easily in Photoshop using layers and masks. Just put the lightest and the darkest shots into one file (two layers), and then feather one on top of the other with a feathered selection of 250 pixels. You can fine-tune the feathering by painting onto the layer mask with the brush tool.

I can explain better with diagrams, but I can't post that here :-) Look on my articles page on my website. Down at the bottom, there's "Manual HDR...". That article shows the simple process of using a feathered selection to blend two exposures. With a little fine-tuning, it works well.

For scenes like this, I usually use this simple technique as opposed to more complex blending techniques and/or using an HDR program.

Anyway, just my $0.02.