Friday, November 7, 2008

16 - Always Spring in South Florida

Canon 40D, 24-70mm at 50mm, iso100, 1/250 sec at f/2.8

My friend and fellow blogger TJ Avery has written a wonderful blog on the new Mindful Eye and Mike's Journal. If you've found your way here and have not seen these sights do yourself a photography favor and check them out.


TJ Avery said...

Nice one! I really like flower "portraits" like this, i.e. photos that display one type of flower and are only about that flower. I like how the same flower repeats itself all over the frame and trails off into the blurred distance. The color combo is good and pleasing.

Bob Dein said...

Great color combo, Mike. My only suggestion is that if you moved a little to the right, the subject magenta flower would have been totally surrounded by green, with no overlaping flowers. But that is real nit-picky. Beautiful image.


PNF Photography said...

pink and green I think are two of the prettiest colors...beautiful delicate and love the shapes

MikeH said...

Thank all, for visiting and then posting your comments are both helpful and inspiring.