Monday, May 18, 2009

76 - Time in Savannah

Canon 5DmkII, 50mm Lensbaby, iso100, 1/1400 sec at f/4.0, Composite image processed in Photomatrix Pro

This image was taken for a workshop assignment in Savannah, Georgia. The focus of the workshop was the technical aspects and artistic uses of the different Lensbaby lens and accessories and of course to have fun.

I want to thank The Mindful Eye, Craig Tanner, Matri Jeffers for hosting a great workshop.


Marti said...

Hi Mike,

Loved this image when you showed it on the workshop and still love it. Great job of focusing on the dome. My eye goes right to it.

See, Lensbabies are not just for portraits and flowers any more. :)

Thanks for being on the Lensbaby Workshop. It was a pleasure to see you again.


Mike H said...

Thanks Marti, I learned so much on the workshop, thank you!!!