Tuesday, February 24, 2009

59 - Sailing

Canon 5DmkII, 24-70mm at 50mm, iso100, 1/250sec at f/11, 3 image comp.

We sailors sometimes start out without any idea where it is that we are going, what is important is the journey. Mike Harris


PJ said...


Needs a touch more smoothing. A bit of halo around the masts for example. Just my two cents.

Nice photo.

a passion 'n frames said...

I agree it is about the journey and I am learning to enjoy that journey because there is a reason for every bit of it.

Beautiful cloud filled sky and is it common that all the boats have blue and white on them? Desert dweller here...lol

TJ Avery said...

Nice one, Mike. I like the uniformity and repetition of the boats - all white with some sort of blue tarp/cover on top. It's like looking at a crowded mall parking lot: it just makes you want to get the hell out of there and take off :-)

The green foliage on the left edge is a bit too bright, IMO. It kinda draws my eye away from the boats.

MikeH said...

Thanks all and I do appreciate your comments, sometimes you look at an image so long you can't see the forest.