Thursday, February 12, 2009

54 - Olompali

Canon 5DmkII, 16-35mm at 16mm, iso200, 1/60sec at f/8.0

Olompali (2006), a 30-foot sculpture making its international debut at Fairchild Tropical Gardens before being shipped to China where it will be permanently located at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The artist is Mark di Suvero and the work is located at FTG in South Florida.


TJ Avery said...

Ha! I've been staring at W12, W18, and W21 steel I-beams this entire past week in my design software at work :-) The sculpture looks a little too familiar to me. I've seen similar "artwork" in fabrication yards where the construction process hit a dead end and the welders got creative ;-)

This photo looks like a random snapshot; actually, almost like an accident (oops.. the camera just went off). The high-key exposure helps to emphasize the "accident" look.

But it all works interestingly well. The black, featureless sky is kinda mysterious. The tree top showing really helps to give a visual sea level. Neat photo!

PJ said...

Really nice work. Kind of looks like an infrared shot.

Are you going to be on Eleu soon? Will be down there end of March into April.

Have a new pano you can check out. Be sure to manually navigate the image so you can look straight up.

Preacher's Cave

MikeH said...

TJ, Thanks this was a real stretch, wasn't crazy about the art at all but wanted to get something out of it.

PJ, Your pano is fabulous, went there last year my stuff sucked. I'm heading to ELH 2/16 for about a week and will be back there 4/4 thru 4/12. I'd love to hook up, my home is near Bottom Harbour Club on Whales Point. Where do you stay?

PJ said...

We will be down there same time. During the period you're talking about, we will be staying around Palmetto Point.

Would definitely like to shoot Whales Point. Or maybe we can meet up somewhere between. We should probably trade contact info.

On another note, I now have a few more pages for Preachers Cave. You'll find another pano towards the end.

a passion 'n frames said...

cool shapes indeed and think this might make an interesting BW too

MikeH said...

Debra, This is sorta a W&B the steel is actually bright red/orange, the sky was deep blue and the tree is green. That way it was way more boring. I tried to make something out of....