Wednesday, January 4, 2012

189 - Improve in 2012, 10 ideas

Thinking about how you can improve your photography in the new year I came up with a list of items that might help. If you have any additional ideas please comment.

1. Review 2011 the Good Stuff

What images do you like and why, what images did friends like and why. Is there a common theme you can build on?

2. Review 2011 the Not So Good Stuff

What mistakes did you make. It is easy to ignore or delete bad images, revisit mistakes and make sure you know what you did and have you fixed the problem. Another reason to review mistakes is they can lead to new ideas.

3. Journal

Record findings in 1 and 2 in your journal. If you don’t have a journal start one.

4. Weakness

Vision, capture or post processing which is your weakness, if you don’t know ask a friend, don’t get defensive. This year work on your weakest area the most. Next year reevaluate.

5. Read More

Ten years to get good at anything shorten the time-frame by reading as much as you can about the techniques that interest you. More and more information is now online, but don’t forget about great resource in print. There are numerous books out there pertaining to your area of interest. Talk to photographers you respect and inquire which books they recommend reading. As you read photography blogs keep an eye out for posts on reviews and recommended reading. For example "The Photographer's Eye" by Michael Freeman.

6. Carry a Camera

Oh and use it. Practice techniques you know, practice something new you read about (see 5). Practice around the house, at parties, shopping, etc. Don’t wait for that field trip to pick up the camera.

7. Start a Simple Project

Work on your own or better yet get a friend and work together.

8. Put your Work out There

That doesn’t mean show your spouse or mom. Let friends and fellow photographers see it, ask for comments, don’t get defensive.

9. Look at Others Work

Look for inspiration, analyze why images you like are different than yours. Ask questions figure out how to do what others do.

10. Have FUN!!

If this is truly a passion it should be fun. If you are not having fun, figure out why.  Is there a fear getting in your way?  Examine it, talk about it, remove it.

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