Friday, November 11, 2011

171 - Time

What time is it?
What is time? Now that is a much harder question.
I just listened to some very smart physicists say that given the right speed and direction
we could see our past and changing the direction the future.
Don't think I'm ready for that...


TJ Avery said...

That looks awesome and amazing. Where was it? Sea cave?

Where ever/whatever that place is, it looks timeless, like it could have been 5 minutes ago or 50 million years ago. Beautiful.

Mike H said...

Thanks, this is a place in the British Virgin Islands called "The Baths". Huge boulders on the shore of an island. A lot of pictures have been taken of this place, not to many people are willing to lug their 5dm2 on a tripod into this area, which makes all the difference...
Congratulation on what looked like a very successful workshop!!!