Saturday, July 3, 2010

140 - Missing

I'm always energized by Anti crepuscular rays. I never noticed them when I was younger, now I see them all the time. I often wonder what else I'm missing.


Marka said...

I'll second that. A beautiful photograph!

Marti said...

Beautiful image, Mike. I love the way the rocks on shore lead the eye right out to the rays of light.

TJ Avery said...

Wow just doesn't cut it. How about on-your-feet, jaw-dropping, eye-popping WOW!

I've wondered the same thing (not necessarily anti-creps, but stuff like that). Sun dogs, lunar eclipses, Milky Way, meteor showers, moon halos, etc. Also what the light does at any given moment and how it changes with clouds, fog, etc.

Photography, at least for me, has really opened my eyes.

I'd like to say that I "see" now as opposed to just looking. Well, for the most part, I "see", but I'm sure I still miss a whole lot :-)

Anna said...

Wow this is so cool photo, and the rays. Something I didn't know, I had to look it up. I now have something to look forward in the sky. Anna :)