Tuesday, August 4, 2009

104 - Be Open

Canon 5DmkII, 70-200mm at 200mm, iso200, 1/180 sec at f/9.5, +CPL

I've been working on creativity lately and came across 18 lessons from a book by Julieanne Kost. Kost is a Photoshop evangelist for Adobe, her tutorials are the best. This excerpt is a PDF file. To open the PDF file in your Web browser, click "Window Seat."

This image is a direct result of her rule # 3 "Be open to whatever comes your way." and rule # 4 "Share what you know and learn from others."


Anna said...

Mike, then thanks so much for sharing. Job well done! Anna :)

Marka said...

Great action shot! I like how you've managed to capture enough stillness to see the detail on the cars, and enough motion that the background is a nice blur.

J. L. T. said...

Wow, cool!!! Sunny greetings

TJ Avery said...

Ha ha! Nice tailgaiting by the orange car. Looks like a typical Houston freeway.

(good panning work, BTW)