Sunday, December 28, 2008

29 - 30 Bracket

This is the bracket used for 29 & 30. The bracket is an aluminum "U" from an old water filter. In the bottom hole I bolted a simple tripod ball head. The camera strap, I use a wrist strap is locked in the top hole as security. The shutter release is taped on. The only real camera risk is to capsize the boat.


Bob Dein said...

Very clever, Mike. With something that big on top of the mast, I think that capsizing the boat would be a real possibility. :-)
The results are really terrific and worth the effort.


PJ said...

Nice work, Mike.

What about using a wireless remote?

MikeH said...

Bob, The Hobie 14 is very stable for a small boat never felt the weight.

PJ, Yes a wireless would work great, plus more control over the shot. Don't have one yet. Any recommendations?

PJ said...

RE: wireless remote...

I just ordered a Canon 50D and didn't like the price for the wireless remote so I ordered a knockoff from Ebay. Don't know for sure it will work, but based on reading others' notes, should be fine.

Do a search for "V2S wireless shutter remote" on Ebay and you'll see the product I'm talking about. Comes from Hong Kong. Bought stuff from HK before and no problems from those vendors who have been around for a while and have good feedback. In a number of cases, I also get my batteries, filters, tripods, heads, and memory cards from these outlets.